Stage-Right Interiors is dedicated to providing you with the most bang for your buck and exceptional customer service.  Some of our services include:

  • Art Selection
  • Budget Planning
  • Conceptual and Design Development 
  • Fabric and Finish selection and design
  • Furniture Selection and Design
  • Flooring Selection
  • Home Staging 
  • Interior Re-design
  • Color selection/color pallet design
  • Project Management
  • Space planning

Our years of experience also made us experts in repurposing what you already own. 
Here, a simple metal wall hanging becomes a stylish new light fixture.  Cost to make-$0.  Value to client-Priceless!



Stage-Right Interiors
Katja "Kay" Richards
14590 Croatan Dr, Centreville, Va 20120

This client had a large collection of Black and White artwork scattered throught her home.  By consolidating all the pieces we were able to create an installation with maximum impact.
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